Barrio Felipe y Mery Barreda pre-school

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Recent work at the Estrellitas #2 community pre-school in Barrio Felipe y Mery Barreda has enabled the educators there to divide the children into different age groups in their own classroom space. Usually the pre-school provides class to over 30 children for about three hours a day. By rehabilitating one classroom and building a new classroom late last year, with help from many supporters, we have been able to greatly improve the classroom space available for these children. This year we have finished installing windows and doors, wiring and fitting out the small kitchen area we also built last year. Here are some photographs of the classroom areas. We will shortly post some photos of the improved kitchen and other facilities including the electrical wiring installed last month. The next stage will be to connect the preschool to the electricity grid¡ which we hope to do in the next month or so with a donation from friends in Boston.

Eymi Carvajal with younger children in her pre-school class

Maria Julia Rugama with older children in the Estrellitas #2 preschool

Eymi Carvajal at the new door to the pre-school classroom built last year. The windows are now protected with a metal grille.

Preventive health care and legal advice provision in rural communities

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Superemos has worked for several years in rural communities around Estelí. Currently we provide preventive health care and legal advice to families in the communities of El Limón and San Pedro. This month we will start work in communities to the north of Estelí, near the municipal rubbish dump where we have been asked to assist very low income families with both health care and legal advice, mainly to do with securing birth certificates and other administrative procedures that require legal support in order to comply with Nicaraguan law.

lawyer Dora Arauz assists mother with form filling for a birth certificate

a young girl in San Pedro gets her birth certificate

lawyers Daysi Flores and Dora Arauz in El Limon checking lists of children

Gladys Ruiz during one of her preventive health talks in El Limon

breaking out the toothpaste in El Limon

lawyer Daysi Flores lends a hand applying fluoride gel

Legal advice project - progress in 2008

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Legal project lawyers - Daysi Flores and Dora Arauz

Lic. Daysi Flores and Lic. Dora Arauz - Daysi and Dora are lawyers for the legal
advice programme

Superemos has funded legal advice work for programme participants since 2003. Originally the project tended to work mostly with prisoners in the local penitentiary and low-income women participants in the education and training programmes run by Superemos. 

Currently, the project continues to work with prisoners and low-income women but has also dedicated resources to helping families in the low-income barrios where Superemos provides healthcare, pre-school and training support. Many of the children in these families were never registered at birth and subsequently encounter administrative difficulties with school authorities or when they need to carry out other official business requiring formal identification.

In Nicaragua if the parents do not register their new baby within 12 months they then have to pay for the relevant legal procedure - time consuming as well as a relatively  costly process. Thus in low income areas it is not uncommon to come across children in their teens who are still without their birth certificate. Even where people have their birth certifiacte, difficulties with officialdom are also common resulting from errors in the original procedure.

So far this year the programme has helped 53 children obtain their birth certificate. The programme's lawyers have also helped low income clients with:
  • 2 divorces
  • 4 maintenance cases
  • 3 paternity cases
  • 9 administrative cases
  • 11 parole cases for prisoners in the local penitentiary
  • 9 cases involving family disputes
Daysi and Dora are now discussing with representatives of local communities just north of Estelí - Las Cruces and Facundo Picado - extending to those communities the work in support of children without birth certificates.

Extension of health care programme to barrio in Matagalpa

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In February this year Dr Peter Loewinthan and Dr. Joshua Kantrowitz visited the Oasis de Esperanza (Oasis of Hope) school in the Sor María Romero barrio in Matagalpa. Following up that visit Superemos discussed with the school director setting up a preventive health programme similar to the one Superemos runs in the lñocal barrios in Estelí. We will start this programme in matagalkpa with the Oasis de Esperanza school this month serving about 350 children aged from 2 to 11 years of age. Here are some photos sent by the school's director Leonardo Luquez.
Oasis de Esperanza 1 Oasis de Esperanza 1
Oasis de Esperanza 1 Oasis de Esperanza 1

Mother's Day activity at the Estelí Women's School

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Dance for Mother's Day activity
daughters of some of the students dance to celebrate Mother's Day

school Director Bertha Sanabria helps prepare pizza to be shared by students

Roleplay activity for Mother's Day
roleplay activity for Mother's Day
Mother's Day in Nicaragua is celebrated on May 30th. The Estelí Women's School always holds a special activity for the women night class students. This year over 70 students participated along with some of their children and members of the school teaching staff.

Craft skills classes in Barrio Nuevo Amanecer

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Showing the results
one of Luisa Duarte's craft skills students shows a drawing in preparation for Mother's Day
Craft skills in Barrio Nuevo Amanecer
students working with Luisa Duarte to improve their drawing skills
Luisa Duarte gives craft skills classes to a group of children, mostly adolescent girls, numbering about 17 in total in the Nuevo Amanecer barrio. The classes use the classrooms of the Sinai community preschool. This project is funded by our friends in the Dorchester House MultiService Center in Boston, USA.

Improvements to ceramic area

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Rebuilt kiln
rebuilt kiln
Last week we finished rebuilding the old wood kiln and improving the access to the ceramic workshop. The slope leading down to the workshop past the kiln turns into mud duirng the rainy season. The new steps make for safer access.

We rebuilt the kiln so that it is top-loading. This made it possible to fabricate a simple lid lined with fired clay tiles. This is much easier to open and close than the previous side loading arrangement.

We also experimented successfully with a refractory mix to lay the bricks for the kiln. 5 parts dirt, 5 parts local stone derived grit, 2 parts lime and one part cement.
Saida Espino cooperative president beside the kiln's woodpile
Cooperative president Saida Espino beside the ceramic kiln's wood pile
steps for better access to ceramic workshop
new steps make for safer access to the ceramic workshop - just in time for the rains