Special open day fair for local small producer organizations

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On Sunday September 7th, the Christine King Cooperative took part in a special fair organized by local organizations together with the mayor's office as part of celebrations for this year's army anniversary. The local army battalion made available part of its training ground for over 30 local organizations to exhibit and sell the things they produce. The Christine King Cooperative took part, represented by Katalina Chavarría, Juan Ramon Zambrano and Luisa Duarte. They offered visitors ceramic ware, cushions and other products from the sewing workshop and an exhibition of the cooperative's educational and training programmes. A brilliantly sunny day, following several overcast days of rain, gave a great opportunity for open air dancing and singing.
folk dancing
a colourful display of traditional folk dancing
exhibition stall
the cooperative's stall at the open day fair
Katalina and Luisa
Katalina and Luisa with some ceramic ware
Luisa and Juan Ramon
Luisa and Juan Ramón with the training activities exhibition

El Limón - connecting the solar panels

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Rob Matthews arrived last week to connect the solar panels to the electric pump in the well that supplies El Limon with its water. Here are some photos showing Rob at work with Ismael and Theo. Ismael has coordinated the project for the community and will give us a financial breakdown over the next few days which will put on the website. Everyone involved in the project is very grateful to Rob who gave his time and expertise free in order to help the community in El Limón stay within their budget Rob Matthews
Rob Matthews in El Limón
Dropped something
"it's here somewhere..." - Rob with Ismael
checking connections
Rob checks connections - Theo helping

El Limon water electrification project - installing solar panels

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This week the community in El Limon will work with Rob Matthews to connect the solar panel installation to the electric pump in the well that supplies El Limon with its water. This will mean a dramatic cost saving for the people who receive water via this system because they will no longer be dependent on a diesel powered electric generator. We are grateful to the Barr Foundation of Oklahoma,USA, to the family of Fiona Graham in England, to Karen King in Luxembourg and to the Rotary Club of Toronto Leaside in Canada for making this project possible
niñas y niño en El Limon
beneficiaries of the soon to be electrified water system
changing the angle
the panel will be adjusted manually 4 times a day to track the maximum strength of the sun
flatter angle
here the panel is almost horizontal
sharper angle
here the panel is at a sharper angle

Visit from the Aid for Nicaragua Association of Japan

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On August 25th and 26th we received a visit from our dear friends of the Japanese Aid for Nicaragua Association. This year the group consisted of five people. On the evening of the 25th they met with the 70+ women who participate in our adult secondary education scholarship program for women on low incomes. Then on the morning of the 25th the group worked with us in our sewing workshop, helping us assemble a quite complicated knitting machine donated by their association. Makiko and Michiko also worked with the ceramic workshop team. Their colleagues installed a solar panel system their group had donated to the school to serve as a stand-by  should we have a power cut during our night classes. This is part of a training programme the Association is implementing to promote the use of solar power in community projects in Nicaragua. We are very grateful to all the members of the group who contributed both time and resources to come and visit our programmes and especially to Professor Koike for coordinating the visit
Makiko with a pot inscribed with her name
makiko y michiko
Makiko and

Craft skills workshop in Barrio Nuevo Amanecer

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Proud piñata makers
Luisa Duarte continues to run craft skills courses for adolescents in barrio Nuevo Amaencer. The classes are held in the SINAI pre-school's new classroom built thanks to Eric London of Boston and the Evanston Congregational Church. Numbers attending the classes vary from 6 or 7 to as many as 20 depending on what else is happening in the community.

Toñita hard at work embroidering

Carmen, Gladys and Edelma help make the piñata

El Limón solar panel project

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For almost two years the community in El Limon just outside Estelí has planned to electrify the pumping system for the community's water supply. After months of delays caused by the electricity distribution company's bureaucracy, the community decided to install solar panels. Rob Matthews a Canadian engineer is helping the community install the system. Here he is working with Nicaraguan colleagues to fabricate the steelwork necessary to install the panels.
Rob Matthews and Don Teo mark a pipe for an even cut

Sixto Davila grinds off a weld for a smooth finish

Sixto, Teo and Wilson stop the pipe from getting away

Support for preventive health care programme in Matagalpa

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Superemos is working with the community leaders of the Barrio Sor. Maria Romero in Matagalpa (Sister Maria Romero was a nun renowned for her community work especially with poor children). We originally made contact with the community leaders in this barrio via Vilma Reyes of the Casa de la Mujer in Matagalpa who coordinates health and education work with the Oasis de Esperanza school in the barrio. Superemos health programme coordinator Gladys Ruiz Gonzalez has worked out a programme with Leonardo Luques, Oasis de Esperanza coordinator.

children show off their toothbrushes...

more children show off their toothbrushes....

parents help apply fluoride gel to older children

not sure about this.....a boy gets his protective fluoride gel

preparing fruit fresco for lunch in the Oasis de Esperanza school

children enjoying lunch in the Oasis de Esperanza school

Birth certificates for children in San Pedro

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This month lawyers Dora Arauz and Daysi Flores have continued helping families negotiate the legal and administrative hurdles necessary to overcome in order to get birth certificates for their children. After the first year of life parents have to pay for the various administrative and legal requirements before the authorities will issue a birth certificate. For many low income families, especially in rural areas where literacy rates are low, the whole process can be intimidating and off-putting. Funded by the Central American Fund for Human Development, the basic legal advice provided by Superemos makes it possible for these families to make sure their children's rights are fully met.

Erlinda Hernandez, Glenda Espinoza and Lisandra Palacios show off their new birth certificates

Barrio Felipe y Mery Barreda pre-school

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Recent work at the Estrellitas #2 community pre-school in Barrio Felipe y Mery Barreda has enabled the educators there to divide the children into different age groups in their own classroom space. Usually the pre-school provides class to over 30 children for about three hours a day. By rehabilitating one classroom and building a new classroom late last year, with help from many supporters, we have been able to greatly improve the classroom space available for these children. This year we have finished installing windows and doors, wiring and fitting out the small kitchen area we also built last year. Here are some photographs of the classroom areas. We will shortly post some photos of the improved kitchen and other facilities including the electrical wiring installed last month. The next stage will be to connect the preschool to the electricity grid¡ which we hope to do in the next month or so with a donation from friends in Boston.

Eymi Carvajal with younger children in her pre-school class

Maria Julia Rugama with older children in the Estrellitas #2 preschool

Eymi Carvajal at the new door to the pre-school classroom built last year. The windows are now protected with a metal grille.

Preventive health care and legal advice provision in rural communities

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Superemos has worked for several years in rural communities around Estelí. Currently we provide preventive health care and legal advice to families in the communities of El Limón and San Pedro. This month we will start work in communities to the north of Estelí, near the municipal rubbish dump where we have been asked to assist very low income families with both health care and legal advice, mainly to do with securing birth certificates and other administrative procedures that require legal support in order to comply with Nicaraguan law.

lawyer Dora Arauz assists mother with form filling for a birth certificate

a young girl in San Pedro gets her birth certificate

lawyers Daysi Flores and Dora Arauz in El Limon checking lists of children

Gladys Ruiz during one of her preventive health talks in El Limon

breaking out the toothpaste in El Limon

lawyer Daysi Flores lends a hand applying fluoride gel