Progress in the music education programme

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tuning up
tuning up before the students arrive
The music education programme we began in March continues to make good progress in Barrio Felipe y Mery Barreda.

Here are some photos showing Don Alfredo Quintero with some of his students. They are trying out some instruments that we were able to buy thanks to help from the First Congregational Church of Evanston, Illinois.

We very grateful also to the Central American Fund for Human Development who originally made this project possible.

trying out the piano
Meyling, one of the older students tries out the new piano
organizing the younger children
younger children begin to arrive for the class

Getting ready for the rains

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May is usually the month in which the first part of Nicaragua's rainy season begins. So we try and get any construction work or remodelling of the main project site completed before the end of the month. Thanks to help from the Central American Fund for Human Development we have been able to construct a new building to house the bakery project. We have also been able to allocate resources to building about 30 metres of brick wall to help protect parts of the site vulnerable to the flooding that we have experienced over the last two years. Also this month we are happy to include Sandra Lopez as part of the administrative staff helping us get the best value we can from the donations we receive from the supporters of the various commuinty projects. sandra
Sandra López at work in the Superemos office
Muro contra el río
Juan Zeledon building a wall to help protect the ceramic workshop from possible flooding
muro entre taller y aula
the wall fills the gap between the ceramic workshop and one of the classroom spaces
dismantling the old clinic
dismantling the old clinic
removing panels
removing panels for use elsewhere on the project site
new structure
new bakery structure
new bakery structure with roof
the new structure from another view with the lower roof already in place

Marimba teaching activity as part of the music education programme

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Four examples of marimba fom an activity of the Superemos music education programme. The event took place in the auditorium of the local Escuela Normal teacher training college in Estelí. We were very lucky to have the assistance of the Batahola Cultural Centre from Managua who gave a brief training workshop on the marimba as an instrument and then delivered a superb performance of four traditional Nicaraguan songs.

1 - Click to listen

Recent activities : medical delegation, cultural education, legal advice

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The last two weeks of March this year have been very busy for us. Along with our normal activities, we helped the Global Education Fund organize a successful teacher training event for over 50 local teachers in liaison with the local Ministry of Education. We also received a medical delegation led by Dr.

Recent activities - music education, women's school night classes, pre-school, bakery

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Through February and March we have been developing various activities made possible with help from our many friends and supporters. The latest new activity we have undertaken is a music education programme that we are currently implementing on a pilot basis in local schools and one of the barrios where we support a pre-school. As well as the activities shown here in these photographs, we are also continuing training and personal development workshops in the local penitentiary, our preventive health work in local barrios and rural communities, the legal advice programme, the sewing workshop and our ceramics workshop. So there is plenty happening on a routine basis as well as one-off activities like a teacher training event - for over 40 teachers - which we are organizing together with the Global Education Fund and a health delegation organized by Dr. Peter Loewinthan and his colleagues at Dorchester House. More on those events and visits in a future post.
Music teacher Alfredo teaching avid listeners a new song
a parent helps children keep to the rhythm
the children use maracas and tambourines to accompany Alfredo's guitar for the new song
Catalina Cano gives a social sciences class to the women night class students
gef planificacion
Estelí Women's School director bertha Sanabria works with colleagues from the Educavida organization planning a training event to be organized together with the Global Education Fund
pre-school educator Digna with some of the children attending the Caperucita Roja pre-school this year
Melania and Marie-Esther hard at work preparing pastries that are sold to participants in the education programmes
music Escuela Normal
Hannah Given Wilson gives a music class to older children in the Escuela Normal in Estelí

Recent activities

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In February, the various projects began activities in earnest as the new school year got underway. The preschool project is again currently serving over 70 children, mainly in the barrios in the western outskirts of the city of Estelí, with a smaller number - 15 or so - attending the preschool on the main project site. The adult education programmes are now in their third week of classes with a total number of students similar to last year of about 350 including over 70 women from low income households who are able to study thanks to scholarships funded by our donors.

children in our Caperucita Roja pre-school
alan ceramica
Alan turns a piece in the ceramic workshop
In addition to our education, health, legal advice and social work programmes, the foundation also assists the "Christine King" Multi-Service cooperative with training and production programmes. The ceramic workshop is now well established and currently has two quite large orders. Also, the metal workshop is receiving requests from various customers, including the Porvenir organization which requested help to assemble a solar panel installation with our friend Robert Matthews.

antonio ceramica

Antonio creates an original figure from which to take a mould
paneles solares para Porvenir

Wilber Gutierrez drilling alignment holes in the steelwork for the Porvenir solar panels
mas paneles solares para Porvenir Bob Matthews has done a great job training our welder Wilson Ordoñez in the fabrication of the metalwork necessary to install a quite weighty solar panel system.

Bob has designed the system so that it can be manually adjusted to track the path of the sun through the day. This facility significantly increases the efficiency of the panels.

We are very grateful to Bob for inviting us to cooperate in this project.

10th Anniversary of the education programmes

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On January 18th we held a small anniversary activity to celebrate 10 years of the education programmes run by the Estelí Women's School. The school was originally founded by the Barr Foundation of Oklahoma and subsequently taken on by the Superemos Foundation. Among the invited guests were several of the original students as well as friends and family of the project workers. We are grateful to all our friends and supporters who have sustained the education, training, health and social work programmes since we began work on them in late 1998. The first classes in the project centre were given in January 1999. The school now assists around 100 women on low incomes with scholarships every year. Total attendance of scholarship and non-scholarship students is around 350 every year.
Director of secondary education Bertha Imelda Sanabria inaugurates the anniversary celebration
former student Cristina Blandón explains why the Estelí Women's school has been important for her and her family
Superemos president, Gladys Ruiz Gonzalez
an extremely transient anniversary cake

El Limón water project - happy customers

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Enma Camas
The water project that we completed in El Limón last year has brought important benefits for the 400 or so people living in the community. Here are some photographs of people who have benefited from this huge improvement to their living standards. The project has been community based from the start, run by a community committee and carried out by community labour. We are grateful to everyone who has contibuted time, energy and money to achieve a successful outcome. The community now has a secure, independent water supply from a well that pumps water to a holding tank for subsequent distribution by gravity to the community's houses. The pump is a submersible electric pump powered from a solar panel system.
Ninsoka, Chola and Bryan
the solar panels, fenced in for security

Remodelling the main school building

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We are busy getting everything ready for the new school year which starts on January 24th. The large number of students we had last year put great pressure on the available space. So for 2009 we have decided to remodel the available space by opening up the main school building. We have done this by turning four windows into walk-through areas. As you can see from the photographs this dramatically opens up the available space in the main school building. We will use movable divisions to break up the space into smaller classroom areas. Once our friends Juan Zeledon and Wilber Gutierrez finish making good the columns and beams, we will be able to repaint the area. The new work will be inaugurated on January the 18th when we will mark the 10th anniversary of the Estelí Women's school.
a view with a room
the new work seen from inside out
another view from the inside out
Wilber Gutierrez and Juan Zeledón - making good