Teacher training program, Bocay - July 2017

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Since 2006 the Superemos Foundation facilitates training organized by the Global Education Fund. This year a team of seven facilitators and a training coordinator went out to Bocay - a Northern central community - to train 25 local teachers of rural communities in methodological strategies to give math, natural science, social science and Spanish class so as to improve the quality of education.

Bertha Sanabria, training coordinator.

Training participants.

Esteban Ruiz, training facilitator (middle), with two participants.

Glenda Laguna, training facilitator.

Darling Aguilera, training facilitator (black and white shirt).

Mileda Castellón, training facilitator.

Augusto Aguilera, training facilitator with two participants.

Saida Espino, training facilitator.

Anabell Benavidas, training facilitator (left), with a participant.