Purisima - December 2017

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Every year on December 12th, the Superemos Foundation and the Christine King Cooperative celebrate the Immaculate Conception of Maria ("la purisima"), a very important religious festival in Nicaragua. Members of the cooperative help with the preparations and all the activities.

Making the altar for the purisima.

Maryori Arosteguí and Karen Villarreyna make the altar for Maria.

Hilda Duarte

Maria Lezama and Maria Hernandez prepare the food for the purisima.

Maria Felix Castillo and Gladys Ruiz help in the kitchen.

Maria Lezama and William Pacheco finish the altar.


The celebration

Around 120 people came to the purisima.

Hilda Duarte is grateful for everything that the cooperative and the foundation have achieved since their start, almost 18 years ago.

People pray and sing during the celebration.

José Alberto Velasques and his band.

Hannah Curteis and Jośe Alberto Velasques.

Maryori Arosteguí helps with filming.

At the end of the purisima children and adults receive a meal, sweets and other gifts.

Gladys Ruiz hands out meals to the children.

Hannah Curteis and Noel Hernandez hand out oranges, bananas and sweets.

Gladys Ruiz hands out toys.

Martha Cruz.

Ramón Rodriguez

Noel Hernandez

Ramón Rodriguez y Hilda Duarte.

Gladys Ruiz y William Pacheco.