Remodeling work: January 24th - 26th 2018

Submitted by admin on Fri, 01/26/2018 - 15:48

We are working hard to finish the remodeling work before class starts on February 1st.


New classroom space

Installing the electricity.

Painting the floor and the walls of the first floor classroom space.

Painting the walls of the ground floor classroom space.

Francisca Arcia, painting teacher of the art project, helps painting.

Santos Sobalvarro, responsible for the nursery garden, helps painting.

Koki Takada, a volunteer from Japan, helps with the remodeling work.

The library is painted and ready for use.

Stephen Sefton, secretary of the Superemos Foundation, paints the stairway.


New restroom

Painting the restroom and installing ceramic tails.


New training/workshop space

Installing the electricity.

Installing zinc sheets.

Installing windows and door.


Remodeling the outside kitchen area.

The new ceramic tail floor is finished.


Painting work

Painting the dance room.

Painting the ceramic workshop.

Painting the kitchen.

Painting the office.