Sones Segovianos' concert National Palace of Culture, Managua - February 2018

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On Sunday February 4th 2018 Sones Segovianos' youth orchestra performed in the National Palace of Culture in Managua. They participated in an activity in honor of Don Felipe Urrutia, an important folk musician from Northern Nicaragua who would have celebrated his 100th birthday on February 5th, but who passed away in 2014.

Don Felipe Urrutia and his band.

Don Felipe's son Leopoldo and three of his great granddaughters.

Don Felipe's son Leopoldo, his great granddaughter and granddaughter.

Don Felipe's son Leopoldo and his great granddaughter.

Don Felipe Urrutia's relatives.

Two of Don Felipe's granddaughters dancing on his folk music.

The launch of a book with Don Felipe's music.

Hannah Curteis, coordinator of the Sones Segovianos and author of Don Felipe's book.

Two of Don Felipe's sons and one of his nephew, founders of Don Felipe's band.

Performance by a professional dance group from Managua.

Don Felipe's relatives with Francisca Arcia, Sones Segovianos' art teacher.

Sones Segovianos' youth orchestra.