Fluoride varnish program - November 2017

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From November 13th to 17th  Dr. Michelle Henshaw, from the Boston University "Henry M. Goldman" School of Dental Medicine, came to visit the different CDIs participating in the fluoride varnish program. She trains the local teachers in applying fluoride varnish on the children's teeth.

Dr. Michelle Henshaw works together with the local teachers.

Ceramic workshop - November 2017

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Every 40 days the ceramic workshop delivers an order of 50 wind chimes. The elaboration of wind chimes requires a lot of manual work. After molding and baking the chimes, they are all painted by hand. Then, all the pieces are put together so as to form a wind chime.

Amparo Quiñonez paints the chimes.

Developing the sewing project

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sewing class students met to discuss the future of the project including the machines they need for its development

Superemos vice-president Hilda Duarte discusses with students their proposal to join
the Christine King Multi-Service Cooperative and how to make the sewing project more productive

Domestic violence prevention program in Robledal, El Paraiso and Isiquí - August 2017

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Once a month the Domestic Violence Prevention Program visits the Robledal, El Paraiso and Isiquí community to give educational talks to children from the local primary schools. In August 2017 the talks were about gender, gender violence and prevention of sexual abuse.