Domestic violence prevention program in Casa Materna "Luz y Vida" - August 2017

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On August 24th, 2017 the Domestic Violence Prevention Program visited Estelí's "Casa Materna Luz y Vida" to give a talk about "Sex, sexuality, gender and gender violence" to 18 women. Casa Materna is a temporary hostel caring for expectant mothers, especially from rural areas.


Fluoride varnish program - August 2017

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Every three months Dr. Michelle Henshaw from the Boston University "Henry M. Goldman" School of Dental Medicine visits various preschools in Estelí to apply fluoride varnish on children's teeth and to train local teachers in applying the fluoride varnish.

Once a year Dr. Corinna Culler joins Dr. Michelle Henhaw to evaluate the effect of the fluoride varnish on children's teeth.