Domestic violence prevention program in Casa Materna "Luz y Vida" - November 2017

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Every month the Domestic violence prevention program visits Casa Materna "Luz y Vida" en Estelí to give talks. Casa Materna offers temporary refuge for high-risk expectant mothers from rural communities. The topic in November was "values".

Expectant mothers participating in the talk.

Sones Segovianos' award - November 2017

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On November 22nd, 2017 Sones Segovianos received an award from the Estelí's Municipal authority for their "labor and persistence in music teaching". The ceremony took place in the "Casa de Cultura", where Musician's Day was celebrated.

Hannah Curteis with her daughter Luna and Francisca Arcia with her son Harry of the Sones Segovianos' project. 

Fluoride varnish program - November 2017

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From November 13th to 17th  Dr. Michelle Henshaw, from the Boston University "Henry M. Goldman" School of Dental Medicine, came to visit the different CDIs participating in the fluoride varnish program. She trains the local teachers in applying fluoride varnish on the children's teeth.

Dr. Michelle Henshaw works together with the local teachers.

Ceramic workshop - November 2017

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Every 40 days the ceramic workshop delivers an order of 50 wind chimes. The elaboration of wind chimes requires a lot of manual work. After molding and baking the chimes, they are all painted by hand. Then, all the pieces are put together so as to form a wind chime.

Amparo Quiñonez paints the chimes.