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Our board

Dr. Peter Loewinthan with Superemos board members

Superemos was founded at the end of 1999 as a non-profit foundation devoted to education and training programs based in the city of Estelí for low-income families in northern Nicaragua. Superemos is registered as a private, non-profit foundation with the Nicaraguan Ministerio de Gobernación (perpetual number #1809). The eight members of the foundation form a general assembly which elects the Board every two years. In 2017 the following members were elected until July 2019:
  • President:  Gladys Ruiz Rodríguez
  • Vice-President:  Hilda Duarte Solorzano
  • Treasurer: Lic. Octavio Corea Araica
  • Secretary: Stephen Sefton
  • Fiscal officer: Lic Bertha Sanabria López

The office is run on a volunteer basis by members of the board.

The foundation's accountant is Sr. José López Hoppington