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Why Superemos?

Superemos makes it possible for its supporters to realize their humanitarian vision for a better world.

We have learned from our supporters and funders that they are very conscious of the crucial role social policy plays in the development of a prosperous and healthy society.

Thanks to their guidance and humanitarian inspiration,  we are able to improve the lives of families in Northern Nicaragua and especially in EstelĂ­, where we are based.

We started in 1999 from the belief that education and training for women and girls is the most effective way to promote development in impoverished communities and countries.

Over the years we have built a successful integral community development model, focusing on low income families in rural communities and outlying urban districts of EstelĂ­.  

Every individual, including the most vulnerable, can be a protagonist in the struggle for a more equal society.

The first step to positive change is the feeling of personal value and well being, so our programs focus on helping people feel more confident about themselves and their abilities.

medical brigade

 To achieve that, people need ready access to good education and healthcare. Women in particular need violence prevention programs in order to stimulate their personal development, self esteem and assertiveness.  

Thanks to the vision of our supporters and funders our programs help local people, especially women, interact more positively and effectively with their families and so, over time, contribute to a more equal and healthy society.